A different approach

We work with you as a business coach to teach you how to succeed in business. Lots of CPA firms and business advisors say that they will help you achieve your goals, we believe that we should help you set them.

Not making decisions for today

With the business owner first mentality, one of the keys is to understand where we want the business to be in 3 years and making decisions to help drive you in that direction.

Choose the right team

You and your practice should have the best team in place so that all of the needs of the business are met. This team should include a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Financial Planner, Attorney, Banker, IT Provider.

Revenue is a byproduct

The focus should be on meeting the needs of the patients, clients or customers. If you and the business are doing what you do well and focus on being the best you can be at what you do, revenue is a natural by product of your work. When revenue or profits become the focus then you have taken your eye off the prize.

Elevating Profitability Through Customer Focus

We take the approach that expense management is important but you cannot grow to extreme profitability without growing the top line. Improving the customer/patient experience should be the focus and everything else will take care of itself with a little management.

Have Questions?

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How often do I need to be available for in-person meetings?
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